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FAQs for Visitors

How can I see the inside of the Shack?

导游是观看Leopold Shack内部的唯一途径。了解更多信息游览页面.

Where is the Shack located?

To discourage unaccompanied visitation, we ask that all visitors check in for their visit at the Leopold Center, where we will give you a map and directions.

Why do I have to pay a fee to visit the Shack?

As a non-profit organization, admission fees anddonationsc是关键ontributors to our ability to maintain the Shack property and offer interpretive and educational programming to share the site with visitors throughout the year. Contact us at for more information.

Do you offer tours of the Shack to young children?

If you’re interested in bringing younger kids as part of a family visit, that is just fine! You can do a self-guided tour to explore the Shack property and the Leopold Center at your own pace, or feel free to sign up for a guided tour. Our tour guides do their best to tailor the content based on attendance, but be aware that most tour audiences are made up of adults. We do have special events throughout the year that cater to kids of all ages. Contact us at for more information.

To reduce wear and tear on the historic Shack property, we do not encourage visitation by large groups of grade school and middle school students. A better option for school groups is a visit to theAldo Leopold Nature Centerin Monona, WI, a separate but partner organization of the Leopold Foundation.

Can I host my wedding at the Shack or Leopold Center?

No, we do not have the resources to accommodate private events such as wedding receptions.

My architectural firm would like to tour the Leopold Center. What options exist?

Some engineering and architecture groups want a more technical tour of the Leopold Center’s design and construction features than our staff and regular tour guides are able to give. If your group would like a more specialized tour of the center, we can work with you to schedule an “expert tour” led by members of our building team.

接触us at for more information, but do plan farther in advance. Many of our building team members have extremely busy schedules and must travel here from a distance.